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Looking at last years christmas pictures…how far ive traveled since then. things are much different now, dare i say better in most all respects. and that is all i could ever ask for. cheers to my friends and family! here’s to another blessed year 😀


my life is just empty without them, darker. i am thankful for my time with them; the way they smell, and cry, and fight with each other, and kiss my cheek, and snore quietly beside me, and say i love you mommy…


So differently time varies, the urgency with which to arrive and reluctancy to go. Praying time would stop when im in your arms and willing it rapidly forward when we are apart. such a variance and tonality these days. with entangled moments where my self is lost among your parts. your love surrounds me and I feel at peace. completely consumed in your presence. these things you do to me like no one else before. you are my diamond among the coals. leaving me with no stains rather an acenting and adorning beauty that makes me feel like a gem as well. worthy of wearing a promise on my finger.  you bring me a stillness and calm. companionship. untill we meet again. I am yours. unwavering. unique the love that is ours. you see me and all my parts and help me know myself. challenging me to excel and fuel my desires to be that person who will make you proud. I love you for who you are. aching to be reunited. waiting with desire for touch. how I long to intertwine hands, body, lips and move beneath you. lost completely within that moment where humane is transcended and we rise above what  as sepereate to merge energies forming and ethral force.  holding my hands as we release our energies at climax. I yearn for the warmth of your bare skin against mine. pulling on my neck with your lips with such urgency. kissing my lips so tenderly drawing back and flicking your tongue against my open mouth. it pains me when we part. when near you, I do not fear or worry . you calm me. I enjoy living next to you . sharing a life. spend some time with me my love. let me serve you as your woman. I want for you, anything you desire. be my man now and always. lets walk this existence together as man and lady.


love me completely for all my beautiful imperfections